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Funny Rocks

Funny Rocks

This area is located on Manastash Ridge on Trail 4W694 (Summit Trail). To get there from Hwy-410 you can take FS1701 (Bald Mountain Road) to one of 4 places to turn off.

- The first is FS530 which turns into 4W644 at Bald Mountain Lookout. Run it to 4W694 and turn right. Make sure yon keep left where 4W694 and 4W695 meet. Right will take you to the Moon Rocks.

- The second is 4W695 which will run you through the Moon Rocks on the way. Keep right onto 4W694 and Funny Rocks are around the corner.

- The Third and Fourth are where FS1701 starts follow the Manastash Ridge southeast. You can turn up 4W670 and turn left onto 4W694 at the top or continue run up FS1701 to the 4W694 trail head near Barber Springs Road if you want a few more trail miles. Once on 4W694, run it northwest until you run into the funny looking rocks.

The most common route is up FS1708 (Milk Creek Road) which turns into 4W686. Turn right onto FS589 then right on 4W685 (to by-pass Wood Pecker). You will go across a bridge and meet back up with 4W686. Keep right and go up the 5 fingers to 4W694 (Summit Trail). Turn right and follow the 694 markers. The trail meets 4W644 & 4W695 on the way to Funny Rocks.

About the plaque:

Funny Rocks - Ray Earlymemorial

The plaque at funny rocks is in memory of Ray Early - one of our club members who loved wheeling, and supported off-roading heart and soul, and really loved that entire area up on the Manastash. He struggled with complications from diabetes for many years - to the point where he really couldn't go wheeling anymore - but still came to all the meetings, and always stayed involved even when he no longer could get on the trail. His death at home came quietly, and rather unexpectedly. I don't think he was even 50 years of age at the time. He had about 10 running rigs at home - mostly old Willys of various types - which is where the quote inscribed on the plaque comes from - he would wonder out loud - "Which rig should I take today?"

So - it is in honor and in memory of his love of wheeling, and his status as a "character" in the Timber Tamers, and as a veteran of the armed services (Army) that we decided to install this memorial for him. We check on the plaque when we can, and try to get a new small American flag into the mounting hole beside the plaque on occasion. I just want that memory to be treated carefully and with respect, which is why I'd like to know a little more about who you are, and who the other folks are who are expressing an interest in this.


Tom James
President - Timber Tamers 4x4 Club

A few Pictures:

Funny Rocks

Funny Rocks

Funny Rocks

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