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Lifted 2006 Subaru Sport Wagon

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2006 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. It has been my adventure vehicle for awhile and a daily driver. Bought this car brand new back while I was still in college. Since then I have put over 110,000 miles on it. Left it stock for about 3 years before I started modifying it. Initially I added WRX sport suspension which was great for handling but wasn't up to my expectations on dirt roads. Discovered where I got the idea of lifting my car. I needed a vehicle that can get good gas mileage, handle well, be reliable, good cargo capacity, and finally be able to handle rough roads for exploring.

Shortly after I bought it

Didn't take me long to test the 4wd

A few years later I swapped the suspension for WRX suspension and added 17 inch WRX wheels.

For the amount of backroads I enjoyed traveling it didn't work out well

A guy from by the name of JacksonRally built me a 1 inch spacer lift.

This spacer goes between the body and the strut

These springs are under a lot of pressure

My new 27 inch General Grabber AT tires compared to the stock 24 inch tires

Hope they fit


All done

Time to test the new suspension on Durr Road

Good ground clearance

The ride was much softer

Testing it out some more on some jeep roads

And in the snow

6 months later I decided to do more modifications to the body this time

The plastic side skirts covering the rocker panels needed to go

Left a unfinished look without them so I did some work

Added mudflaps

Filled in the holes then painted the rockers with bedliner

My front bumper was a problem even with the small lift it overhang the wheels and was could easily be ripped off. I decided to cut the bottom section off to help with approach angle

Using a dremel to make the cut

After the cut

Test fit

Fenders needed to be cut to match

Decided to cut more

I had to relocate a couple of reservoirs that were hanging too low after the cut

Windshield washer reservoir and fender before cut

After cut - I was able to find a smaller washer reservoir at autozone complete with pump for less than 16 dollars. It fit just perfect in the smaller space

After lots of sanding it was time to paint

Adhesion promoter

All done - lots of ground clearance

Next I painted my rear bumper to match -
lots of plastic clips to remove in tight spaces


First coat

Installing a day later

All done

Couple of other random shots

Future plans include skid plates, forester struts, rally lights, full size spare tire, and paint all trim black to match

Info on the forester suspension swap:
Adding forester suspension to a impreza will give you 3-4 inches of lift. The problem is the CV's will wear out fast unless complete subframe, driveline, transmission, etc. are dropped 1 inch.

Comparison photo shows the forester struts vs impreza struts

Struts are longer and spring perches are higher

Springs are longer

At some point I plan on swapping in forester struts on outback springs to hopefully achieve a 2 inch suspension lift and not have to drop the subframe.
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