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Lake Ann Epic Hike Oct 4th 2011

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On Tuesday Oct 4th 2011 my buddy Sev and I jumped into my car and headed over the hills to the Teanaway area. We had heard the snow level was dropping so we wanted to see some fresh snow. We drove all the way to the end of the road past Beverly campground where the Lake Ingalls and Esmeralda Basin trailheads began.

At the parking area which I think is close to 4,800 feet in elevation

Road is starting to get muddy with all the recent rain


Trail starts off easy

Sev testing out his new camera

First signs of snow

After a few hours of climbing we were nearing the pass at 6,800 feet of elevation

Trees looked like they had been frosted

Scout and I taking a break

As we neared the pass the snow increased

First glimpse of the lake

Scout enjoying the view

Snow covered larch

Larches were starting to turn yellow

Got lucky when the sun came out for just a few minutes

Clouds starting rolling in so we headed back to camp before the snow storm hit

This car was hauling lots of weight so I had to be careful since the rear was sitting so low

Found a spot

Lots of firewood

Unloading all the stuff

Bought a vestibule so when the rain hit the front door wouldn't get wet

Campfire was nice

Next morning it was pouring rain outside so we cooked inside

Could have the front door open for ventilation without getting wet inside thanks to the new front door cover

Sev picking up some litter that the last people left

Turning my car around in the rocks

We decided to get back out this time climbing Ingalls Pass and looking for more snow. Legs were sore at first but within the first half mile I was too busy sweating to care

Trail was climbing too slow for us since we needed to get up to the 6,500 feet we decided to climb the mountain itself

Looking straight up

Rest break was had to sit due to the steep angle

Looking down - at this point we put the camera away due to the steepness of the climb but were able to make it almost to the top and did find lots of snow.

We made it down alright. Scout the dog with no fear was even taking it easy coming down.
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