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Thread: Ahtanum Sledding/Snow Wheeling Run - Jan 29 2012

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    4 Wheeling Ahtanum Sledding/Snow Wheeling Run - Jan 29 2012

    Sledding/Snow Wheeling Run at the Ahtanum State Forest
    Report & photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

    On Sunday January 29th, 2012 we had a redo of our annual sledding run at the Ahtanum State Forest for the Eastern Washington Adventures members since the one is December did not work out.

    Around 10 AM we met up at the Highland Quick Stop in Cowiche and convoyed to the parking area at the end of the pavement on Cowiche Mill Road to air down. We headed up the gravel part of Cowiche Mill Road, turn on C-1000 and went up on Cowiche Ridge. The snow was just perfect for snow wheeling.

    We had a few hill climbs Victor's Bronco could not make. The group helped Victor get through the tougher sections. I broke trail until the drifts got deep. I made a mess out of the snow on one climb around a bend since I only have a rear locker the caused the rig to crab walk. I hit one tree and broke off my passenger side taillight again. Once everyone was through that part, BlindPilot took the lead pulling Victors Bronco. BlindPilot pulled Victor's Bronco a a long way breaking trail up hill. I have to say, BlindPilot's rig with the Bronco in tow still out did mine. I think BlindPilot's rig runs on Pixie Dust.

    The ones that wanted to sled did in the areas we had to do recovery. The main two times was the first climb Victor's rig had trouble and then another rig had problems on top of the Hogback.

    Near dark after getting everyone off of the Strobach Mountain 4x4 Trail, we headed out with BlindPilot leading the way. We dropped down Nasty Creek and aired up at the corrals.

    This was a very fun day snow wheeling and sledding thanks to who came.

    Here are some pictures of the day:

    Around 10 AM we met up at the Highland Quick Stop in Cowiche, Washington.

    Airing down at the end of the pavement of Cowiche Mill Road.

    The Dodge left the group as we turned on C-1000.

    Monster adding windshield cleaner.

    Up on top of Cowiche Ridge.

    We took a break before going back into the forest.

    TJ40 topping the first big climb.

    Victor not making the climb.

    The view over looking Pine Mountain and Tampico.

    TJ40 tried to pull Victor's Bronco up.

    Then TJ40 tried to winch Victor's Bronco up.

    Gabe playing dead.

    I believe Victor's Bronco's coolant over flow hose broke.

    Odo playing dead too.

    Doc sinking in the snow.

    The group of rigs all on top.

    The upper sledding hill.

    The lower sledding hill.

    Adding a little coolant.

    Just up the trail the snowdrifts were big. I was able to stay up on top but TJ40 slid off. Here I am all alone.

    Around the bend I got crossed up on a snowdrift and broke off a taillight. Here we are on top of the ridge waiting for the others.

    Looking back down the ridge at TJ40.

    BlindPilot took the lead pulling Victor's Bronco.

    One of the first long climbs was a real challenge for BlindPilot since he was still towing a Bronco.

    The view.

    Looking at the next long climb.

    BlindPilot made the climb pulling the Bronco.

    Some of the rigs took the next climb.

    Up on top.

    Looking back down.

    The rest topping the last long climb.

    Another short climb.

    Dropping down toward the Strobach Mountain 4x4 Trail.

    Odo and Doc having fun.

    Victor loose and on his own again.

    At the Strobach Mountain 4x4 Trailhead watching the others.

    Moving up the Strobach Mountain 4x4 Trail.

    Victor's Bronco back on the strap.

    Monster sleeping.

    Fatboy having fun.

    The group watching the YJs do the Hogback.


    As they did the recovery I took some of the kids back down to sled in a safer area.

    Guido got stuck in some big holes so I drove around to give him a pull. I also became stuck in some big holes.

    The kids had fun sledding.

    Guido and I had fun with some close recovery.

    Once both Guido and I were out, we had some more fun driving around in the snow.

    I started raining pretty good so I went back up for the kids.

    The group coming back down and the kids getting a few last runs in.

    Victor got stuck.

    I gave Victor a pull out and then found BlindPilot got stuck playing snowplow.

    BlindPilot use TJ40's rig as an anchor.

    I think TJ40's rig was moving more than BlindPilot's.

    Lucky TJ40 has Staun Beadlocks.

    BlindPilot dug out the front of his rig and TJ40 moved to better ground.

    BlindPilot was still pulling TJ40's rig so they had to add another anchor rig.

    Once we got everyone off of the Strobach Mountain 4x4 Trail, we headed out with BlindPilot leading the way.
    We drop down Nasty Creek and aired up at the corrals.

    This was a very fun day snow wheeling and sledding thanks to who came.
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    We had a great time, thanks to everyone for the trip and the good times!
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